Step 3: Learn & Adjust

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Make sure that you turn on tracking on the positions that are important to you – this way you will receive email notifications when there are responses.  To turn on tracking, use the track button:


And as you learn about the various issues, as you identify better-articulated positions that reflect your views, rate them, set them as your primary positions, and share them with your friends. 

None of us know everything, but together we know a lot.

Step 2: Influence: Rate, Respond, Share

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Our vote matters.  But what matters even more is our influence – our ability to educate and challenge those around us to have a well-formulated vote.  To this end, you can do several things:

1. Rate

2. Respond

3. Share

To cover in more detail:

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Step 1: State Your Vote

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If you know what vote you are planning on casting, state your vote. 

To state your vote, browse the site for a position that resonates with you and click:


If you can’t find the position that correctly represents your vote, post a new position by clicking:


and then set is as your primary position.

New Feature: Share Your Page.

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MiniShareMeYou can now share your me page via email, on FaceBook, on Twitter, or wherever else you would like to share it.

Why would you want to? 

Because doing so can achieve several goals:

state to the world who you will vote for and why

educate those around you on why they may want to vote for a particular candidate

verify that you are making the right choice by exposing your viewpoint to your circle of influence.  Perhaps you are missing something and your friends may participate on a position that you marked as important to make you more aware.

Quote: FDR on Democracy

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FDR“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

MOMB: Museum of Modern Betas

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MOMB1We were mentioned in the Museum of Modern Betas!

Post Support Responses

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You can now post support responses.