Step 2: Influence: Rate, Respond, Share

November 5, 2012 § Leave a comment

Our vote matters.  But what matters even more is our influence – our ability to educate and challenge those around us to have a well-formulated vote.  To this end, you can do several things:

1. Rate

2. Respond

3. Share

To cover in more detail:

1. Rate

We sort posts using YOUR ratings. So browse positions and discussions and rate them using the


2. Respond

RespondButtonDo you see people making their decisions using wrong or incomplete information?  Are you knowledgeable in some subject and can help those around you make an educated decision? Click Respond!


3. Share

The stakes are high.  Whatever vote we case, whoever wins: there will be consequences.  Influence your friends, colleagues, foes by exposing them to your position and your discussions.  The best way to do so is to share your “Me” page, so that everyone can see not just your primary position, but also other information that you found important.  To do so, go to:


And then use email or social media to share the link to your page:


Naturally, you can share any position or response to attract interest:


So if you see a post on healthcare and you have some friends who know a lot about the subject, let them know!

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