Step 3: Learn & Adjust

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Make sure that you turn on tracking on the positions that are important to you – this way you will receive email notifications when there are responses.  To turn on tracking, use the track button:


And as you learn about the various issues, as you identify better-articulated positions that reflect your views, rate them, set them as your primary positions, and share them with your friends. 

None of us know everything, but together we know a lot.

Step 2: Influence: Rate, Respond, Share

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Our vote matters.  But what matters even more is our influence – our ability to educate and challenge those around us to have a well-formulated vote.  To this end, you can do several things:

1. Rate

2. Respond

3. Share

To cover in more detail:

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Step 1: State Your Vote

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If you know what vote you are planning on casting, state your vote. 

To state your vote, browse the site for a position that resonates with you and click:


If you can’t find the position that correctly represents your vote, post a new position by clicking:


and then set is as your primary position.

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